How do I create multiple user accounts? (Upload users)

You can create multiple user accounts at once by uploading a csv (Excel) file. An example csv file can be downloaded in the upload users page. This page can be found when you click on “Users” in the main menu and next on “Upload users” in the main column.

Alternatively you can create a csv file in MS Excel or another spreadsheet program. In the first row enter these columns: username, email, firstname, lastname. In the second row (and beyond) enter the details of the person. For example: johndoe,, John, Doe.
Optional columns are: password, idnumber, country, language, … , and pretty much every profile field.

Once the csv file is ready, login to your platform. Click on “Users” in the main menu. Now you see a list of all users in the platform. Click on the “Import list of users” link in the main column. In the next screen upload the csv file and set the settings according to your csv file. Click on the “Upload users” button.

In the final screen you’ll see a preview of the users in the csv file. Below the preview list you can select various options. Finally click on the upload button.
If you get an error while uploading the csv file, it contains a wrong field or value. If needed, raise a ticket and our support team will help you.

*NEW Version 3.2*
You can also add the column “trainingpath1” to add accounts to a training path.

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